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We provide a range of training courses designed to improve best-practice financial modelling skills and convey key concepts within infrastructure finance. Our courses are typically attended by those responsible for modelling and analysis at banks, developers, corporates, investment funds and public sector entities. 

We conduct regular training courses online and in-person from our offices in London, as well as running courses in client offices globally. In between teaching courses our trainers are busy developing and reviewing financial models for projects across the world; this real-world experience allows us to provide deep practical insights to course attendees rather than just theory.

Our in-house classroom style courses can be tailored to your individual needs, with core content from our standard course curriculums supplemented with specific requests, or with training models adjusted to reflect the most relevant industry sector. 

“Our courses are set in a small workshop environment and are highly interactive. You will learn to write formulas from scratch and build cash flow models from the bottom up.”

Our delivery method makes the course ideal for companies looking to train groups of 5+ analysts and associates in best practice financial modelling. The full course is broken into two 2-day courses.

Karina Tam

Head of Training

Classroom Training

These courses will provide you with tailored financial modelling training solutions, set in an in-house classroom environment either in our, or your, office.

Learn to build, review or analyse project finance models. Participants will create a cash flow model from scratch using best practice methodology and practice powerful Excel techniques and shortcuts.

Pre-requisites: Basic Excel proficiency
Class size: 5 +
Duration: 2 days

Learn advanced analytical techniques used in the project finance industry. Building on the Foundation course model, add additional funding sources and covenants. Basic VBA coding will also be written from scratch to debt size and demonstrate how to avoid model circularities.

Pre-requisites: Foundation course / basic modelling / project finance knowledge
Class size: 5 +
Duration: 2 days

In addition, we can provide tailored courses with industry specific add-on training, for example for P3/PPP or renewable energy projects. We also offer courses covering corporate finance modelling e.g. for valuations and M&A.

P3/PPP and Public Infrastructure Projects

This one-day course add on is a highly interactive session
where participants can further their modelling skills with an
infrastructure relevant case study.

  • Consider pre-operational revenues and milestone payments
  • Discuss different funding sources including government
    funding contributions and subsidies
  • Model availability payments and incorporate lifecycle costs
Renewable energy Projects

This one-day course add on will boost the renewable
energy professional with relevant and industry specific
modelling skills.

  • Consider pre-operational revenues and ramp up phase
  • Discuss the modelling and funding requirements of
    different renewable technologies
  • Model different pricing regimes including offtake agreements, merchant revenue and contract for difference (CfD)
  • Interpret a technical report and incorporate relevant extracts into the model
Valuation Analysis for M&A

This one-day course add-on introduces participants to key concepts within valuation for infrastructure related M&A, in the context of an infrastructure fund acquiring a platform company.

  • Learn valuation theory and best practice financial modelling, from WACC to DCF and EBITDA multiple analysis
  • Explore how to approach terminal value analysis 
  • Learn to present analysis to internal and external stakeholders
Fully Tailored add-ons

Our trainers come from a range of commercial backgrounds, spanning developers and technical consultants through to large investment banks. We utilise this experience to offer fully tailored add-on courses to ensure learning outcomes are maximised.

  • Focus on industry-specific concepts  
  • Integrate company specific templates and analysis
  • Merge content with internal training initiatives

Upcoming Courses


Get in touch if you are interested in attending one of our public training courses, either as an individual or as a group

Foundation in Project Finance Modelling
Location: London
Course start date: 24/06/2024
Advanced Modelling for Project Finance
Course start date: 01/07/2024
Foundation in Project Finance Modelling
Location: London
Course start date: 23/09/2024
Advanced Modelling for Project Finance
Course start date: 30/09/2024

Why EvoInfra?

Our training team has a unique blend of experience, enabling them to deliver practical and effective teaching to students from a range of backgrounds.


Our trainers have decades of combined experience of training students from a ranges of backgrounds and proficiency levels

Trusted Name

Our training is highly respected in the industry with clients trusting us to up-skill their new analyst cohorts year after year

Informed Training

Our trainers are busy delivering client models when not training enabling them to provide invaluable real world practical insights

Tailored Courses

Our courses can be fully tailored to your requirements with sector or company specific add-ons to our core course curricula

Continued Support

We continue to support students even after the course ends by issuing and reviewing supplementary coursework 

Global Coverage

We have run training courses across the globe and focus on making our courses as convenient as possible for your team

Modelling Training

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